Hello little man - Mommy Andrea is here and ready to make all of your baby dreams come true. I'm an experienced mommy and granny with over 15 years in the lifestyle. There is nothing that I love more than adult babies, especially diaper loving sissy baby boys.

Mommy is a very feminine mommy that only had sons - so any chance that I get to play dress up tickles me pink -which is exactly what I'll doll you up in if I get the chance. I love stockings and lace, frilly and girly, makeup and hair bows, dollies, and ruffles. Don't you want mommy to turn you in to her pretty little princess?

Not in to dress up? That's ok, Mommy has experience with everything - diaper lovers, age regression (me or you!), giantess fantasies/shrinking fantasies, teaching young men about the birds and the bees, punishments (diaper, spanking, whipping, timeouts, etc), and breastfeeding fantasies. With Mommy's huge E cups - I know that baby will want to suckle these and feed until his belly is nice and full.

Mommy can be sweet or mean, depending on how her little man is acting. What's your pleasure baby? Do you want a sweet mommy to hold you, rock you, love you, and cradle you while you nurse? or do you need mommy to put you in line and punish you for being naughty? Call Mommy now. I'm waiting for my little man and all the fun that we are going to have together.

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