Hello little man. It's Mommy Paula. I am here and ready to take charge. I am a no nonsense mommy that loves to take little brats and whip them in to shape. Do you need a spanking? to be humiliated in to good behavior? some diaper punishment? I am the Mommy for you. I do it all from sissy babies to punishment, spanking, and humiliation. I love adult babies, and diaper lovers and have over 10 years of lifestyle experience in the ab/dl community.

Some refer to me as a Mommy Domme, but I just prefer to be the strict Mommy who wants her babies to be the best that they can be. I am the perfect one to figure out just what you need to bring out the best in you. For some little boys it's to become pretty little princesses, for some it's a good over the knee spanking, and others just need some encouragement, love, and nurturing.

Give Mommy a call and let's explore what it's going to take to make you the best little man you can be. We can start by changing that diaper (or getting you in to one) and go from there. Don't keep mommy waiting too long!

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